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4 Easy Breakfast Ideas

I want to give up cereal. It’s my breakfast of choice and I love my morning bowl, but it’s not the healthiest, most nutritious meal. I typically eat some sort of Kashi cereal, which is lower in sugar and higher in protein than most brands, but still, I could eat something “real” if you know what I mean.

I spent Sunday morning brainstorming alternative breakfast ideas. My criteria: meals had to be quick, filling and made of real, whole foods. Here are some of the ideas came up with.

Acai or Smoothie Bowls

acai bowl

This picture comes from The Fitnessista. The link has Gina’s recipe. I’m thinking I’ll probably stick to a smoothie bowl since I don’t have a health store nearby where I can buy the acai packs the recipe calls for. Instead I plan to use fruit as the base, add some almond milk, maybe some protein powder and then toss on some filling toppings like granola, sliced fruit, coconut or nuts.

 Egg Muffins


This picture and recipe is from Kalyn’s Kitchen. The link will take you to the source. This is something I would make ahead of time while I meal prep on Sunday. Then I’d throw it in the fridge and heat up a muffin or two for breakfast.

Microwaved Scrambled Eggs

microwave scrambled eggs

Pic and recipe from I Can Teach My Child. I don’t have time to wash a frying pan in the morning, but I do have time to microwave eggs and stick the dish/cup in the dishwasher before running out the door.



Picture and recipe from Something Swanky. The link will take you to a post with 75+ ways to eat oatmeal. Not all of these ways are healthy, but I’d consider most of them as a good alternative to cereal.

Any ideas to add to this list?


6 thoughts on “4 Easy Breakfast Ideas

  1. I always think that oatmeal looks so good when I see pictures of it on blogs but I never remember to buy it or make it! I think it would be a nice warm breakfast on these cold mornings. Usually I make eggs, but pre-made frittatas have been a huge time-saver on busy mornings!

  2. I am always looking for creative (and quick) things for breakfast! I fall into whatever is grab and go to eat in the car and it’s usually not the healthiest. I’m going to have to try these out! The last 3 are drfinietly ones for me. The smoothie bowl is interesting though! I love smoothies so I’m sure I’d enjoy it:))

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