Notice Anything?

Does anything look familiar around here? If you happen to have stopped by Pink Polish and Running Shoes a few times in the last year, then you’ll probably recognize this theme. I decided to go back to my original design. The funky sidebar on the left side of my most recent design was driving me nuts. So here we are, back at square one and the quest for the perfect blog design continues! My choices are pretty limited since I use wordpress.com, but I plan to switch to wordpress.org in the near future and sign up for Bluehost.

Enough blog talk, anyone do something fun Friday night? True to my word in my Friday Favorites post, I put in plenty of couch time, drank a glass of red wine and watched three episodes of House of Cards with Brian. But, before I settled in for the night, I hit the gym. I couldn’t get my butt out of bed this morning so I ended up skipping my morning workout. Instead, I packed a duffle bag with everything I would need and planned to visit the gym right after work. I ran three miles before I was absolutely starving and decided to call it a night. On the way home I swung by Chipotle to pick up dinner–a burrito for Brian and a Burrito bowl for me.



Alright, I just wanted to pop in quickly to explain the changes you see around here and give you a short recap of my Friday night. Have a great weekend everyone. I will see you all on Monday!


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