Workout Wednesday

Upper Body & Abs

The week is almost half over and the weather has been pretty warm here in the Boston area–and by warm, I mean in the 30’s-40’s, but trust me, it feels like spring compared to what we’ve had. On another note, My legs are still pretty sore from BODYPUMP so I put in a nice foam rolling session after dinner last night. I think not doing so before was a huge mistake because I’ve experienced a lot of tightness over the last few days. I do feel better after hitting the foam roller though, which brings me to this week’s workout.

In honor of Workout Wednesday, I put together this little routine, which is heavy on the upper body and the ab work, but light on the lower body. It was just right for my poor sore legs, which got a much needed break!


Hope you have a great Wednesday! I will see you all back here tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Upper Body & Abs

  1. I’m always worried about working out the day before a game because I don’t want to end up too sore to perform at my very best. I mostly am worried about my legs though, so I’m excited about this workout cause i see it as something I can do before game day and feel just fine!

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