Pure Barre Sudbury

Lift. Tone. Burn.

I think burn is the operative word there. I took my first Barre class on Saturday at Pure Barre in Sudbury. I even convinced my mom and my sister Dani to come along. The studio is brand new.  It just opened this fall and I’ve been dying to take a class. Now I can finally say I have and I know I’ll be back soon.

Here’s a quick review:

Pure Barre review

My cousin’s husband once told me, when you walk into your gym you just know it. That’s how I felt walking into the Pure Barre studio. I was immediately at home. The atmosphere reminded me of my years of taking dance. I started taking dance classes when I was two or three and continued throughout high school. Pure Barre Sudbury was just like my old studio with friendly women stretching and chatting before class dressed in leggings and tank tops.

I loved the studio. It was warm and inviting. The woman at the front desk was very friendly. It happened to be 80’s day at the studio so the staff was dressed in colorful leotards, flashdance style shirts and side ponytails, which was pretty entertaining. One of the teacher’s even nailed the Jane Fonda look.


This photo came from the Pure Barre Sudbury Facebook page.

I took the 9:30 class and the instructor was fantastic. She arrived early, introduced herself to me and made sure to check in throughout the class to complement my form and make adjustments when necessary. After class, she checked in to see how I liked it. I’m about 99.9% sure I’m going to be buying a class package soon, but I want to get one more class under my belt before I decided because Pure Barre classes are darn expensive!

Any Barre devotees out there?


3 thoughts on “Pure Barre Sudbury

  1. Ahhhhh every time I read something on a barre class it makes me want to try one even more – maybe once the season is over! I’m so glad that you liked it:) and most importantly that you felt at home, that is what makes or breaks an experience for sure.

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