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Let’s Chat: A Small Confession, Fear of Change, Happiness

Welcome to my version of the coffee talk post. Let’s pretend you’re reading this at night so that it’s acceptable to pour yourself a glass of wine, settle in somewhere comfortable and make time for a little girl talk. If there are any men reading this, don’t worry. I’m not about to get super girly on ya. It’s just an expression 😉


1. I’d like to begin with a little confession….I’ve become a lunchtime exerciser. Yes, it was just a few weeks ago I was telling you how the idea skeeved me out a little, but I’ve suddenly found myself a member of the lunchtime crowd. I have not been able to get my butt out of bed between 4:30-4:45 anymore. Maybe my body is sending me a message. I’m not too sure, but lately I’ve been packing a bag and heading to the gym at my workplace around 1:00 or 2:00. I would like everyone to know that I shower at the work gym so I am NOT the smelly girl in the office, however anyone who sees me getting ready post-shower probably thinks I’m high maintenance with all the hair products and makeup I tote around.

Your turn! Any confessions you want to make?

2. The next thing I’d talk to you about is change. I’m notoriously bad at accepting change. I like to be comfortable (don’t most people?) and I sometimes take too long to do things I should because I’m afraid. This leaks into every area of my life, but I think it’s most prevalent in my career, which I’m still early into. I’d ask you all how do you deal with the unknown? How do you stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone?

3. I’d also ask you what’s making you happy right now? What’s putting a smile on your face? For me, the answer is always Brian and Oscar, but other than that, Pure Barre, bedtime reading and dreams of the future.

4. During our little chat, the last thing I would tell you is how happy this blog makes me and how much I value each and every comment I get from you guys. I love hearing about your lives and forming blog friendships through my little corner of the Internet!

What would you tell me?


6 thoughts on “Let’s Chat: A Small Confession, Fear of Change, Happiness

  1. How long is your lunch break? I’ve always wanted to do this but worry I don’t have enough time to drive to the gym (10 minute drive from work); change; workout; shower; and drive back to work. My lunch break is only an hour.

    1. My lunch break is only an hr, but we have a very small gym in the basement of our building. I workout for about 30 min then quickly shower and reapply makeup. If i had to drive to the gym I’m not sure I could do it.

  2. Ohhhhh I love this!!:) just like you said Brian and Oscar make you happy…always. For me that’s Billy and my family. They understand me through and through which makes the bad days easier and the good days great! I also love and value everything on my corner of the Internet – like getting to know you and building and online relationship!! Blogging is wonderful for that!

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