Currently…April Edition

Hi everyone. Another Monday down and now we just have the rest of the week to get through!

Today I’m bringing back an old favorite. I did another “Currently” post in February after seeing it on Julie’s blog. I’m changing up the questions, but the idea is the same. We’re going to run through some of the things I’m currently loving right now. Here we go!

Current workout: Pure Barre–three days a week. Treadmill 5-6 days a week

pure barre


Current food: homemade chicken caesar salad using chicken shortcuts, baby spinach, light ceasar dressing and a dash of parmesan cheese. That was my lunch every day last week.

Current wishlist: Pure Barre socks, more sports bras, more workout tanks. I’ve been cycling through the same three and I need an upgrade!

Current TV show: Mad Men! it just started again. The premiere was on Sunday, but I watched it On Demand last night. Brian set the mood by making each of us a whiskey sour to drink. Cheers!

whiskey sour


Current nail color: Mad Woman, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. It’s the magenta color in the pic below.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel


Current book: I actually don’t have one right now, but I’m open to suggestions.

Current drink: Coffee–too much coffee. I need more water.

Current Excitement: I just found a shortcut to and from work (after three years of working at the same place) that cuts my commute almost in half! It’s actually a longer route, but it’s all back roads with very little traffic.

Your turn! Pick a category and tell me what you’re currently loving.


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