It’s the Little Things…

The highlight of my day yesterday was receiving a brand new keyboard at work. That sounds lame, but my old one was disgusting. Can you see the gross brown smudges all over it in this pic. Look closely. I swear it looked like that since my work gave it to me. I actually killed the number pad trying to clean it with a lysol wipe. Ooops.


Anyway, the keyboard gods must have been smiling down at me because the rest of the keys slowly started to die so I was finally able to put in a request for a new one. After my lunchtime workout, I came back to my cube to see this!


Pristine! It’s the little things people.

Speaking of the little things, isn’t it funny the stuff that makes your day. In keeping with the light hearted spirit of this post I’d like to highlight one of the things that never fails to make me laugh.

The three amigos at the office gym–at least that’s what I call them. There is a group of three men that come down to the gym every afternoon while I’m there. They work out for about 10 minutes in full dress clothes. I kid you not, one of the men occasionally removes his shoes and sprints on the treadmill in stocking feet, a button down shirt and dress pants. The other two men only lift weights, but they also do so in dress clothes, sometimes even with a tie on. Never fails to make my day.

People do some strange things at the gym. Every so often on the weekends, I see this guy at Planet Fitness that rocks out hardcore on the treadmill. I’m talking head bobs, hand motions, the whole nine yards. I’ve been tempted to secretly shoot a video with my iPhone, but that would be super creepy.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen at the gym?


2 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things…

  1. Hi Chrissy! A new keyboard (or a new anything) at work is grounds for celebration. Anything that you’re spending that much time on is important. And how funny about the three amigos. I’ve had people come into my group fitness classes in full jeans, only to prance around a bit and leave. I guess people think some movement is better than nothing, even when avoiding sweat hehehe. Whatever gets them in the gym I guess! 🙂

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