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If You Could Hang Out with Any Female Celebrity? + A Lower Body Workout

Happy we’re halfway through the work week day! I’m knocking on wood over here because the weather has continued to get warmer and I’m dreaming of shorts and tank top weather with a side of flip flops and some beach time. That’s still a ways off, but everyday we’re getting closer!

Since it’s wednesday I have a workout for you. This one is only four moves repeated four times. Easy to remember, right?

lower body workout

So…on a very different and unrelated note…this weekend I was flipping through the TV channels and I came across the movie This is 40Have you heard of it?

I had seen it before and I thought it was funny so I decided to leave it on in the background while I got some work done. As I was watching it, I was reminded of how much I like Leslie Mann. I think she’s hilarious and I was thinking she’s one of those female celebrities I’d love to hang out with for a day. Then I started brainstorming some of the other women I’d put on that list. Here’s what I came up with:

1. Leslie Mann

Leslie Mann

2. Lena Dunham–Are you sensing a pattern here? I love smart funny women and I’m a fan of Dunham’s show Girls, which I think gets so many things right about your early to mid 20’s.

Lena Dunham

3. Carrie Rezabek Dorr—Ok, maybe she’s not a celebrity, but I’d consider the founder of Pure Barre to be a fitness superstar and a pretty savvy business woman considering she started her first studio in the basement of an office and grew the Pure Barre brand into a popular franchise. I’d love to pick her brain for a little bit.

Pure Barre

4.  Olivia Wilde–she just seems like the ultimate cool girl to me. I also think she comes across as a confident and intelligent woman in the interviews I’ve read. She’s someone who seems very comfortable in her own skin.

Olivia Wilde

If you could hang out with any female celebrity, who would it be?


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