Lunchtime Workout Survival Kit

By now, you all know I’m a fan of the lunchtime workout. It took me a while to finally give it a try because the idea of sweating and then showering at work freaked me out, but it turns out I was worried for nothing. I’ve managed to put together an Adidas bag full of the essentials for going from workout mode to cubicle mode in about 15 min. Here’s a look at some of the products that make that possible.

Dry Shampoo

dry shampoo

After working out, I pile my hair in a bun as high as it will go and jump into the shower to quickly soap up and wash my face. When I get out, I immediately let my hair down and spray it all over (especially at the roots) with Beyond the Zone Rock On Dry Shampoo.Β This product works miracles. I just spray, flip my head upside down, massage it through my hair, flip my head back over and I’m good to go.

Exfoliating Face Wash

exfoliating face wash

I use Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Invigorating foaming scrub to wash my face while I’m in the shower. The bottle is the perfect size to throw in a gallon sized plastic ziplock bag along with a travel bottle of body wash, deodorant and eye makeup remover.

Eye Makeup Remover

eye makeup remover

This is the very first thing I use after hopping off the treadmill and heading into the bathroom. While I wait for the shower to heat up I use my Target brand eye makeup remover to wipe off my eyeshadow and mascara so I don’t end up with raccoon eyes in the shower.

Body Spray

body spray

When I’m all showered, dressed and my makeup has been applied, I give myself a quick spritz of Bath and Body Work’s A Thousand Wishes body spray and I head back upstairs to work.


Have you ever worked out on your lunch break?

Do you have any essential products from going from gym to work?


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