Little Pleasures: Mother’s Day Weekend, a Movie and More

Hi everyone, I hope you had a great weekend. My posting schedule has been sporadic to say the least this past week and I’m not sure it’s going to get any better in the near future. Things are crazy, crazy, crazy around here, but I’m still committed to putting together some great content for you guys, just not as often as I used to, at least not for now. Thanks to everyone who’s stuck with me and please continue to check in a few days a week!

Now, for some weekend highlights:


Friday Brian and I saw The Avengers: Age of Ultron. I thought it was a little long, but overall I enjoyed the movie. I’ve never seen the first Avengers film and I don’t know much about Marvel Comics, but I didn’t need to. The movie stands on its own. For me, the highlight of the movie was Elizabeth Olsen who played the Scarlet Witch. I was obsessed with the Olsen twins as a kid and Elizabeth is their younger sister so I thought that was pretty neat. I guess talent runs in the family.


Saturday, I did some last minute mother’s day shopping and during a trip to the Hallmark store I stumbled across these beauties. Red Sox and wine? Yes, please! I didn’t buy these glasses, but I sure did think about it!


Oscar’s new thing is to jump onto our headboard while we’re sleeping. He looks like such a creep in this picture. It cracks me up! What’s not so funny? When Oscar decides to jump down from the headboard onto either me or Brian. That’s not the best way to be woken up.


Mother’s day was in the 90’s here so I had the opportunity to break out my new breezy maxi dress and pair it with a red mani. Brian and I spent the day with both of our mothers. We went to his parents first for lunch and presents followed by plenty of time lounging on their deck. Around 3:00 we headed to my parent’s house for a cookout and more deck time. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures. I was too busy trying not to melt lol. It was a great weekend, but like usual, it went by too quickly.

Have a great Monday everyone, I will see you soon!

What’s one highlight from your weekend?


2 thoughts on “Little Pleasures: Mother’s Day Weekend, a Movie and More

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! Its nice that you go to see both your moms yesterday…we saw my mom this weekend but Rob’s parents live in Cleveland. Its was pretty hot and humid around here this weekend too!

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