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TIU Bikini Series 2017

It’s been over a year, but I found my way back to this blog. I got engaged, bought a house, got married and adopted a dog. A lot has changed and as busy as life has been, I missed this place, so I’m back.

Although things may be different on the outside, not much has changed when it comes to health and fitness. Exercise and healthy eating have continued to be important parts of my life and I’m now gearing up for the Tone it Up 2017 Bikini Series challenge. I’ve been a TIU nutrition plan member for about two years now and I loosely did the challenge last year, but didn’t blog about it. This year I’m going to track my progress here.

For anyone who doesn’t know about the Bikini series, it’s a free 8 week fitness and lifestyle challenge with daily workouts, healthy recipes, social media check-ins and prizes. It starts April 24th, so if you haven’t signed up yet there’s still time!

As a TIU member, I was able to purchase the TIU bikini bundle at a discounted price. The bundle includes exclusive digital workouts and some awesome swag to get you ready and motivated to rock the challenge.Β I can’t wait to start! If you’re interested in learning more about the workouts and meal plan stop by here for weekly updates.

See you soon!







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