MY 2018 Health and Fitness Goals + Past Fails


It’s that time of year again – time to reflect on the past and set new goals for the year ahead. Gyms will be packed with newcomers looking to make 2018 the year they get bigger, stronger, leaner, more fit, etc. Unfortunately, many of those people will be long gone before Feb 1st rolls around. I’ve been guilty of making the same mistake and giving up on my new year’s resolutions too. When that happens, it’s usually because I’ve chosen goals that are too ambitious and that don’t fit my lifestyle or circumstances.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said I’m going to start cooking more. If Brian reads this, he’ll be rolling his eyes. He’s the resident cook in this house. One of the reasons I consistently fail at this goal is that I’m not willing to do the prep work. I have an hour commute to work and I rarely leave by 5pm. With traffic, I don’t get home until close to 7pm and then it’s a rush to figure out dinner, get in a workout and get myself ready for the morning. If I took the time to prep meals or even just chop vegetables for the week on Sunday, I’d be in a much better place. Instead, I get stressed and I just give up, which means Brian gets stuck with cooking duty again and again.

This year, I’m taking a step back and really giving an honest look at what I’m willing (and not willing) to do. Here’s what I’m committing too:

1). Making movement a priority

Rather than say I must get in x amount of workouts or run a specific amount of miles, I’m committing to just moving more every day. Yes, I’m still aiming for consistent workouts, but more importantly I want to be conscious of not sitting too long, taking breaks from my computer, using the stairs instead of the elevator and keeping my body active. I have an Apple Watch, which keeps me accountable and makes tracking my movement super easy, so this is a goal I can realistically stick too.

2). Drinking more water

This is something I desperately need to be better at. I’m constantly dehydrated and it gives me headaches. I’ve cut way back on my coffee habit, which has helped a lot, but I still need to do a better job of drinking more water throughout the day.

3). Practicing mindfulness

I’ve always been a very anxious, high strung sort of person and too often my moods are ruled by things outside my control. I’ve been making an effort to just breathe, take moment and sit with my discomfort rather than reacting as I normally would.

What are your goals for the new year?







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