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TIU Bikini Series 2017

It’s been over a year, but I found my way back to this blog. I got engaged, bought a house, got married and adopted a dog. A lot has changed and as busy as life has been, I missed this place, so I’m back.

Although things may be different on the outside, not much has changed when it comes to health and fitness. Exercise and healthy eating have continued to be important parts of my life and I’m now gearing up for the Tone it Up 2017 Bikini Series challenge. I’ve been a TIU nutrition plan member for about two years now and I loosely did the challenge last year, but didn’t blog about it. This year I’m going to track my progress here.

For anyone who doesn’t know about the Bikini series, it’s a free 8 week fitness and lifestyle challenge with daily workouts, healthy recipes, social media check-ins and prizes. It starts April 24th, so if you haven’t signed up yet there’s still time!

As a TIU member, I was able to purchase the TIU bikini bundle at a discounted price. The bundle includes exclusive digital workouts and some awesome swag to get you ready and motivated to rock the challenge. I can’t wait to start! If you’re interested in learning more about the workouts and meal plan stop by here for weekly updates.

See you soon!






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The Treadmill Is Nothing Like Running Outside & Other Weekend Adventures

Where did Sunday go? One minute I was relaxing on the couch, sliding doors open, drink in hand…and the next thing I knew it was Monday morning.

Michelob Ultra

The good news is the weather was gorgeous. It hit 70 degrees on Sunday and it looks like it will stay in the 50’s and 60’s this week. Spring has finally arrived in Boston! I even got in my first outdoor run of the season. The weather was great, but the run itself was brutal and just another reminder that the treadmill is absolutely nothing like the real outdoors, which completely kicked my butt.


This was the slowest run I have done in a very long time. I’m looking forward to getting outside more often and picking up my speed again.

On a happier note, I also ate my first cheeseburger of the season made right on our very own grill, which is only half working at the moment. The right side of the grill will not light, but the left side is just fine so we are just going to roll with it for now.


Brian always stuffs burgers with onion and then seasons the meat with garlic, an egg, Italian bread crumbs and salt and pepper. Delish!

After devouring our burgers on Saturday night, we headed to my parents house for a quick visit since they were babysitting my little cousin Evan for a few hours. He loved Brian, but he cried every time I held him.


Other than our little jaunt out to see my parents, I spent most of the weekend in a cleaning frenzy. I feel so much better now that everything is neat and organized. I even went through my closets and donated two large trash bags full of clothes. I feel 10 lbs lighter!

That’s it for the highlights of my weekend. Tell me one thing you did!

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April Goals

Yesterday was April 1st and with every new month I like to take a second to write down my health and wellness goals and really commit to them. But, before I do that I want to quickly apologize for not popping in with a Workout Wednesday post. Work has been insane lately and I’ve been putting in longer hours. I also took a Pure barre Tuesday night and by the time I got home I was way too beat to think about writing anymore for the day. I guess that’s bound to happen from time to time when your full time job isn’t blogging, but I still feel slightly guilty when I fail to check in.

Ok, now back to today’s regularly scheduled post. I’m talking April goals!


1. Be Balanced: I want to continue along my current path of pairing running with Pure Barre. It’s a nice departure from usual heavy cardio workouts and my body seems to be responding well to the combination.

2. Be Fearless: One of my goals is to do something everyday that pushes me just a little farther outside of my comfort zone. I have a tendency to get too comfortable and I think it’s important I continue to do and to learn new things.

3. Drink Water: I failed miserably at this last month. Now I have my new Pure Barre water bottle and no excuses!

water bottle

4. More variety in my lunches: I’m trying to stay away from usual almond butter and bagel sandwiches. Yesterday I brought a homemade chicken (light) ceasar salad with a pita pocket on the side.

5. Stretch: I’m awful at remembering to stretch before and after I work out. I really want to get into the habit since it’s so much better for your muscles.

What are your health and wellness goals this month?


5 Items on My Spring Fitness Wishlist

Happy Tuesday! Today is as good a day as any for a fun little post. I’m highlighting five of the items on my spring fitness wishlist. These are all things I’ve bookmarked recently and that I’d love to add to my closet very soon.

Here we go!

Reebok One series elite bra

First up is the Reebok One Series Elite bra. Anyone who’s been reading this blog for a while knows I’m a huge Reebok fan. I think their clothes are cute, functional, high quality and, most importantly, a good price. I like the way this bra has a nice scoop to it. I could wear it running or under a form fitting tank while taking a barre class. A few of the sports bras I have go up a little too high so I think they look funny with some of my workout tanks.
Nike tank

I’m a huge fan of wearing fitted tanks while I work out and I love the bright pink color of this Nike top. Very springy!

Old Navy Yoga Capris

Old Navy’s activewear leggings are my favorite and I’m in need of a new pair. I tend to like the capri length bottoms since I’m short and anything full length gets kind of dicey. As boring as it sounds, I’m also a sucker for plain black since it goes with everything. I think colored and patterned leggings look cute on other people, but being a petite woman I think too much pattern overwhelms me.

Pure Barre sticky socks

Like any good Pure Barre girl, I’ve been eyeing my very own pair of sticky socks. I’ll probably be buying these soon since my regular socks tend to slide during planks and mountain climbers in class.

Under Armour Power Up Tank

I think this Under Armour tank is adorable. I love the tie in the back. You can also wear it slightly open too. I could see myself wearing this during Yoga or just hanging around in comfy clothes on a lazy Sunday.

What’s on your spring wishlist?

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My First BODYPUMP Experience

Saturday morning I took my first BODYPUMP class, something I’ve been dying to try since I first read about it a year ago. For anyone who doesn’t know what BODYPUMP is, Ashley over at A lady Goes West wrote a great overview you can check out here.

Although I had read a lot about the class, I wasn’t sure what to expect since several people had told me it took them a few tries to really hop on the BODYPUMP train. I’m also new to using a barbell so I was nervous about being able to handle the weight, etc., but that didn’t end up being a problem. In case you don’t want to read this entire review, I’ll give you a little spoiler: I loved BODYPUMP and will definitely be going back again.

Here are some of my thoughts from my first experience:


Controlled Chaos: I can understand why people find BODYPUMP intimidating. There’s a lot going on in the class and you adjust the weight on your bar after almost every track. For newbies like me, this was a tad disconcerting. I took a little too long figuring out what weight I should be using and I had hard time getting my weights on and off of the bar at first. This meant I missed the first few reps of the first exercise set in most of the tracks. I was much better at this by the end of class, but I still took longer than the regulars.

Great Music: I recognized a lot of the songs even though they were remix versions. The music was upbeat and totally motivating. It was easy to keep my movements in sync with music, which helped me push through when I felt tired.

Friendly Peeps: I was so, so thankful for a few women around me who took me under their wing and helped me set up by grabbing weights, a barbell, a mat and the bench. They also offered suggestions for the amount of weight I could probably handle as a newbie. I didn’t even have to ask for help they just sensed I was new and offered. Gotta love the community feeling of group fitness!

The Shoulder/Bicep Track: Holy hell those tracks were hard! My upper body is a lot weaker than my lower body and my core so I was absolutely feeling the work we did on our shoulders and biceps. Triceps were not as challenging, but still a great workout.

Abs: I found the abs track to be the least challenging of all and I was kind of disappointed because I love core work…a lot. In fact, my core is the only part of my body this isn’t insanely sore right now. My thighs on the other hand….ouch!

Instructor: I had mixed feelings about the instructor. I don’t think it’s entirely fair to judge someone on one class, but I’m going to do it anyway for the sake of this post. The instructor was very nice, but she showed up after most of the participants, which meant I wasn’t able to  get her help/advice on equipment set up. When she did finally arrive another student alerted her to the fact that I was new. She said hi, but didn’t offer any help or even introduce herself by name. However, during the actual class, she did make eye contact with me a few times and gave me an encouraging nod and smile when I was doing things correctly. She also referred to me by name once when I hadn’t noticed we had moved from a wide grip on the bar to a medium grip. I’d be interested to try a different time slot with another instructor to compare my experience. I think maybe we just didn’t “click” if that makes sense.

All in all, I had a great experience. A few people even told me I looked like an old pro in class so I was pretty proud of my efforts. I’m still sore as all heck three days later, but I think that’s a good thing. It’s been awhile since I tried something new and challenged my body in different ways so I think the soreness is a good reminder to step beyond my comfort zone when it comes to weight training.

Have a great Tuesday everyone! I will see you back here tomorrow with a new workout.