My Friday 5

My Friday Five 6/13

Happy Friday friends! Yesterday was a rest day for me so today I’m ready to put in a serious weight training session and a run later tonight.

I also need to find a present for my dad for Father’s Day. Yikes! I’m a liiiitle last minute here and I have no idea what I’m going to get him. Any suggestions?

Moving along, it’s Friday, which means it’s time for My Friday Five. Here are my five favorite things this week:


Revlon ColorBurst


The Revlon ColorBurst is like a cross between lip balm and lipstick so it’s shiny and smooth, but the color packs a punch like a traditional lipstick would. I’ve been wanting to try a bright lip color so I jumped at the chance to buy this when I saw at CVS about a week ago. Since then, I’ve worn it several times (including to my cousin’s bridal shower last weekend) and have received a lot of compliments. The color is sort of a pinky-red when it’s on and I absolutely love it!

This Workout

total body workout

This awesome workout from Peanut Butter Runner left me sore, but feeling accomplished. I like that it’s a total body workout and includes some of my favorite exercises like weighted crunches and squats with an overhead press. Combination moves like that work twice the amount of muscles in a short amount of time. Always a major plus!

Essie Mademoiselle


I also picked up this new nail polish at CVS last week. I bought it because I thought it looked more professional than my usual bright pink nails and I have a business trip next week. It’s pretty light and it hides chips and imperfections well, all great reasons that justify my purchase….at least I think so anyway.

My First 5K!

Ashland Trail Race 5K

I had so much fun I’m already itching to do another one. Maybe I can rope Brian into running this time….maybe.



In three weeks I’m headed to Aruba with Brian, my parents, my two sisters and my sister’s boyfriend. I can’t wait! It’s all I’ve been thinking about lately and I’m in serious need of a vacation right now. I just have to get through next week’s business trip and one more week of work then I’m headed for sunny weather, the beach and margaritas 🙂 . I’m sure I’ll have some awesome pictures and recaps to share with you all while I’m away.

Anyone been to Aruba? Anything I need to check out while I’m there?


7 thoughts on “My Friday Five 6/13

  1. That color of the colorburst is so pretty!! And how exciting you are going to Aruba! I CANT WAIT to hear about the trip and see the pictures! I’ve never been but my parents have! I have been to Curaçao though which is very close to Aruba and apart of the ABC islands – Aruba, Bonaire (spelling?), and Curaçao! My brother went to med school there!

  2. Hi there! LOVE that color nail polish! I have the same one and I use it whenever I want the more “professional” look too! And Aruba looks so gorgeous, have an awesome trip! : )

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